1. Pearland Animal Hospital is the home away from home for my furchildren. While they don't always like their visits with Dr. Vance & Dr. Schoeffler, they are very comfortable with them.

  2. When they kennel at PAH, they come home really spoiled!!! Who spoils them!?!? Daniela, Mykeal, Ashley, Mercedese and their aunties. They love their aunties - Jasmine, Trudy, Tabitha & Katelyn!

    C. Swensen
  3. We love Dr. Vance’s warmth, compassion, and gentle approach with our huskies. They love his squirt cheese wiz . This clinic staff is progressive, efficient, and add the warm touch needed in person. Bonus interactive website is fun and accommodates those of us with busy lives! Thank you Pearland Animal Hospital, we highly recommend you to all furry family members!

    JD and family