At Pearland Animal Hospital we not only perform dental procedures, we provide a COHAT. So, what is “COHAT”?

COHAT Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment – Starting at $450 flat rate

The purpose of a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment is to identify any modifying factors, including both risk and protective factors, that will contribute to the assessment of the patient’s risk of oral disease and inform the needed care for the patient. And Treatment is just that, treatment.

What exactly do our patients get with a COHAT?

  • Dental Exam, Clean & Polish
  • Digital Dental Radiographs
  • OraVet Sealant Treatment
  • Surgical Support
  • Anesthesia

Every COHAT comes with Digital Dental Radiograph (“X-Ray) images of teeth and gums to identify problems, like cavities, tooth decay, and impacted teeth. Without these images we can only identify problems above the gum line, and missing sub-gingival issues can delay further needed medical treatment for the patient. Your veterinarian may find problems during the imaging that IS NOT included on the COHAT pricing such as needed extractions. If your veterinarian finds that additional care is needed, he or she will call you to discuss additional treatment needed and additional pricing before proceeding.

Also included in the COHAT is the OraVet Sealant Treatment which binds to tooth enamel creating a barrier to prevent plaque forming bacteria.

Bloodwork is NOT included in the COHAT.