At Pearland Animal Hospital, we offer in-clinic appointments and convenient curbside service.

What is curbside veterinary care?

While every curbside visit may look a little bit different, the general pattern is as follows:

  • You call the one of our friendly reception team members to schedule an appointment and provide a brief summary of your concerns. You will be asked during this time if you would like to come inside for your pet’s appointment, or would you prefer curbside.
  • You may be asked to fill out a form in advance of your pet’s appointment.
  • You arrive at the Pearland Animal Hospital at your appointment time and call the reception desk to let them know you have arrived.
  • A veterinary assistant or veterinary technician comes to your car to retrieve your pet.
  • Your concerns and your pet’s medical history are reviewed. If you bring a written letter for the veterinary team, that can be a big help in conveying detailed information. If you do not bring a written list, the veterinary assistant may speak with you briefly at your car or may call you from inside the building for a more in-depth conversation.
  • The veterinarian performs a thorough physical examination on your pet.
  • The veterinarian or veterinary technician calls with an update on your pet’s health and provides an estimate for any recommended services.
  • Diagnostics and treatments are performed as authorized.
  • Your pet is returned to you and payment is collected.

What are the benefits of curbside care?

By providing curbside care, your veterinarian is eliminating the need for you to enter the veterinary practice. Veterinary practices are busy facilities, with many employees and clients entering and exiting the lobby and exam room on a daily basis.

Second, curbside care protects the veterinary team and, in turn, your pet. A number of veterinary hospitals have had to close temporarily during this pandemic. If a significant number of employees become ill with COVID-19 or are required to quarantine due to exposure, a hospital just cannot stay open. When these hospitals are closed, they are unable to care for their patients, who must then be referred to an emergency hospital or another veterinary facility. Curbside care increases the likelihood that your veterinary team will continue to be available for your pet.

Will I get to talk to my veterinarian?

Even in curbside care, you will have an opportunity to speak with your veterinarian. Most veterinarians aim to call each client prior to discharging the pet, to discuss findings and recommendations

Occasionally, if the practice is busy with emergencies or you are in a rush and cannot wait to speak to your veterinarian, information may be relayed through a veterinary assistant or technician. If necessary, feel free to ask for a follow-up call from your veterinarian when they are available, to discuss concerns in more detail.

Is there anything I can do to make my curbside visit go smoothly?

With curbside care, it definitely helps to be prepared! Bring a written list of your concerns, which you can give to the veterinary team member who comes to the car for your pet. Include any information that might be helpful for your veterinarian and any special requests that you have. If your veterinary practice has emailed forms for you to fill out prior to your visit, make sure that you do so.

Be sure to bring your cell phone to your visit. You will need to use your phone to call the reception desk when you arrive and to communicate with the veterinary team while your pet is in the hospital.

While curbside care may offer some unique challenges, it truly is in the best interests of you and your pet. Be flexible, patient, and understanding and trust that your veterinary team is doing their best to be as thorough and efficient as possible.