While there is no standard duration for grief, the pain of loss normally eases with time. You can work through the process by applying healthy coping skills, such as talking with others about your memories and emotions and facing the grief, rather than trying to stay distracted or busy to avoid intense emotions. If your feelings of sorrow or guilt have not diminished after several weeks or if they impair your ability to engage in family, social, work, or other functions, you may reach out for support. Many people have found comfort in calling a pet loss support hotline, joining a pet loss support group, reading books about coping with the death of a pet, or talking with a trusted counselor or advisor.

24/7 grief support is available to all. Call 1-855-245-8214 to reach a Pet Compassion Careline Counselor Today.

The Pet Compassion Careline is staffed 24/7 exclusively by Master’s and PH.D. level clinicians with at least 5 years’ experience in the counseling field. When you contact the Pet Compassion Careline, your call is immediately answered by a Careline grief counselor.