Whether you are going out of town for vacation or business, we know it is hard to leave your pet. The guilt and stress over it make it even more difficult. Nobody ever wants to leave their baby. But imagine if your pet gets to go and stay with people that treat them like their own. At Pearland Animal Hospital we consider all our patients and clients as friends and family. When you leave your pet here, you are leaving them in a hospital full of people that are dedicated just to make their stay as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Your fur baby is here for a staycation! And you get to be stress-free knowing that your pet has immediate access to exceptional veterinary care!


We provide comfy bedding and or cushioned mats for your pet, but they can bring any toy, stuffed animal, or anything else they are particularly fond of to make their experience with us as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

All our canine guests enjoy three outdoor potty breaks a day. They are individually walked in our enclosed play area. The play area is cleaned up after each guest. Pearland Animal Hospital has exceptional care standards to ensure that your pet goes home happy and healthy. While your pet attends to their business outside, housekeeping tidies up, and your pet returns to their room with freshly cleaned floors, freshly made bed, and fresh water.

Boarding Requirements: Core vaccines required for boarding.

DIET: We encourage all pets to bring their own food and give us your feeding instructions! Abrupt diet changes often cause tummy upset. We provide dry Purina E/N pet food for all guests that do not bring their own goodies from home.