We are very proud to sponsor the Wags to Riches Gala & Casino Night hosted by Killen’s Steakhouse again this year! Your support is also needed to help make this event a big success! Visit PearlandPets.com for more information and for ways that you can help. Proceeds from this event benefit the Pearland Animal Shelter.

Pearland Pets’ current goal is to complete the funding for a multi-use Disaster Response Vehicle which will be donated to the City of Pearland. To date, Pearland Pets has raised $40,430 towards this goal!

They believe this vehicle will have a tremendous impact on the City of Pearland. It will be used as a Disaster Response Vehicle should a natural disaster or other emergency occur in our area, as well as an Evacuation Vehicle for pets in our area that may not have an escape out of harms’ way. This vehicle will also be put to good use year-round for Mobile Pet Adoptions which will allow more pets to find their forever homes. Their vision is to also have this vehicle be a fully operational triage and surgical center which will provide the ability for potentially life-saving procedures to be performed on pets and animals who may become injured in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency in our area.

When not being used for disaster relief, this vehicle will be used year-round for pet adoptions, which means this vehicle also has the capability of impacting countless homeless pets in our area, by helping find their forever homes year-round.